The Functions of a Real Estate Agent?

What are the functions of a Real Estate Agent? This is something that even your clients will ask you. For this reason, it is crucial that you yourself be clear about everything you will do when you start your career.

Types of real estate agent functions:

  • Work administrative, everything that has to do with organization, documentation, publication and answer emails.
  • Marketing functions for the properties you have captured and the promotion of your personal brand.
  • Responsibility for Customer Service, within these functions of the real estate manager, call attention, reception and. But, also, customer follow-up.
  • Commercial tasks, these include visits with clients, both buyers and sellers.
  • Tasks of Appraisal and Valuation, as its name suggests, knowing the market and finding the correct price for each property.
  • Faculty of Closing Operations, is the part that will give you your benefits, get a smooth and uncomplicated transaction.
  • Obligation Before notary public, collect all the documentation, prepare the checks and balance everything so that nothing fails.
  • Work After Notary Public, help with the paperwork, even with the move if necessary.

Administrative tasks of the Real Estate Agent

This is the most tedious part, in fact, one of the worst parts of all property agents. This is not surprising, our profile is commercial, we like to interact with people, but not paperwork. For this reason, we must spend more time than it would take someone else.

However, it is essential that we manage our business well if we are to succeed. When you advance your career as a real estate consultant, your first hire should be a person whose profile is purely administrative.

In this way, he will take care of all this part, even better than you could. This will allow you to focus on other more commercial areas and properties like prices in al noor orchard where you naturally excel, where you can find your dream place to live.

Attend and respond to emails.

As a real estate agent, you will receive many emails daily, and each and every one of them must be answered as soon as possible. A good way to manage it is to synchronize your email account on your phone. In this way, the warning always reaches you and you can act accordingly.

Load the properties in the CRM.

Every time you visit a property, it should be reflected in your CRM or system. Not every real estate manager does. It does not matter if you manage it or not, each property must be registered. This means that you will spend a lot of time creating the tiles correctly.

You must include the price, the valuation you have made, the characteristics of the property, but also the annotations of what you have discussed with this owner.

Within these functions, it is also to create attractive descriptions for each property. Something that, in my opinion, is crucial if you want to be a good real estate broker.  Since they must be beautiful, allow the client to imagine themselves in their new home.

With this, I mean, that it is not enough to put the characteristics, those are already in the ad. We must awaken feelings, since they are the ones that will determine whether or not the operation is closed.

Customer Service Features

Taking care of your clients is something that you cannot neglect when you want to become a good real estate agent. You must treat them with respect and dedicate the time each one deserves, trying to create relationships with them.

Each client that you do not attend, takes a bad impression of you, that in the long run, is very negative for your career as a real estate consultant.

Answer the phone:

As you are capturing properties as a real estate advisor, you will place for sale or rent signs in each of them. These posters generate many calls, but they are clients who do not know their characteristics and price. Roughly, we could say that they generated few sales opportunities for the specific property.

However, each call is a potential buyer who must be properly qualified and who can buy. For this reason, I tell my team of buyers that owning a property is the best way to get buyers.

In turn, your owners and the rest of the clients will call you to ask you questions about the sector. For that they hire the services of a real estate broker precisely. All this together, will make you spend many hours glued to the phone, which is good, since your business will have started.

Buyer customer rating

Every prospective buyer must be properly qualified. This is one of the most important functions for the real estate agent. The reason is that, if you don’t, you will spend a lot of time visiting customers who cannot really buy. Wasting your time, that of the client and the owner.

You must know their financial situation, their preferences and purchase motivation. When you do this, you know how to determine which customer is a Real Buyer and which one is simply speculating.

Marketing Features

Marketing is an area that real estate agents cannot neglect. In fact, many of our owners and buyers will attract them thanks to him. For this reason, I want to tell you about the different parts that you should take into account.

Photo report:

Of each property that you capture, you must take some striking photographs that attract the attention of the potential buyer. Today, we continue to shop by sight. For this reason, you must learn to take good photographs.

This is one of the points that will make the difference between the advertisements of individuals and those of the real estate agent. In our course section I put at your disposal some tips to get the most out of each property.

Advertising videos of the properties:

Nowadays, videos have become a very important visual aid for real estate sales. The reason is that the same portals better position our ads when they have them. By this I mean that the same property, with a video, will appear on more advanced pages.

This implies that more clients will find it and you will have more requests. In turn, we can use these videos for different campaigns on social networks. This will give you more visibility and improve brand positioning as a real estate broker.

Ads update:

Something that many real estate agents are not aware of and that I have benefited from for years. When we make changes to our ads, real estate portals such as Idealist or FotoCasa, relaunch them to the front pages. They understand that we have updated the content and that it may interest customers again.

Within these updates, we must highlight 2 areas. Modify the order of the photographs and change the texts of the description. If you do this every 1-2 week, your ads will always get requests.

Social Media Campaigns.

Social media campaigns allow you to reach a different customer profile than real estate portals. Personally, I teach my students that they must do them every weekend, in all their properties. This has 2 objectives, the first, to increase the put options.

Second, brand positioning, his person as a property manager. This allows them to get more deposits, since all owners want an advisor to invest money in their property.

Business functions:

All of our lead generation and investment is aimed at getting to visit potential clients. For this reason, you must hone your skills and take advantage of every opportunity.

Visit to owners.

This is the essence of our profession, visiting people who want to buy or sell their properties. As we improve in our Lead Generation, we are getting more and more. However, what do homeowners expect from a real estate consultant?

We must constantly improve in this area, since each visit that we do not find a property is a lost opportunity. In my case, my ratio is 2/3, I capture 2 properties out of 3 that I visit, but I also do it in Multi-Exclusive.

To reach this level, I have practiced a lot and I teach my students the same with the theatres that we perform in the office. If you practice your visits 20 times before launching yourself to meet owners, when you do, it will be number 21 and your chances of success increase exponentially.

Visits with Buyers.

Once you are already managing properties, you should receive requests from interested clients. They also need the help of a good real estate agent. If you do not have requests, you should worry, since you have not done your appraisal and valuation functions well.

This is where we close the loop. You must learn to show a property by giving only the information your clients need. Highlighting the positive of each property and downplaying the negative. However, a real estate broker should not be aggressive in this part.

Many customers find it difficult to take the step and it will depend on you if they are encouraged to launch an offer.

Appraisal and Valuation Functions

They are many the owners to speculate on the market price. This generates, that they themselves destabilize it and highlights the importance of having good real estate agents.

Property valuation

When an owner sets a sale price, it is generally not based on real market data. They tend to search the internet for other properties for sale, which is correct. However, they only look at the most expensive ones, ignoring that they will have to compete against the cheaper rest.

We also find owners who determine it by the eye of a good asshole, or by what the neighbour who sold a few years ago told them. If you start managing any property, you will be digging your own grave in real estate.

In the long run, you must choose which owner and property you work with. Owners willing to listen to your advice and to be advised, but also properties that are at a real market price.

If you perfect this part of your career, you will end up selling all the properties that you manage. The result, all your clients will be happy and will recommend you, so you will move forward on the path of becoming a great real estate agent.

Neighbourhood or area reports

As you advance your career as a real estate agent, you will naturally gain knowledge of certain neighbourhoods. However, you should know that the price per square meter changes in each neighbourhood of your city.

This is normal, as there are better areas and others of less interest to buyers. There are also others that become fashionable at specific times due to their great demand. Knowing the different neighbourhoods of your city and the variations they suffer helps you improve your services.

Showing all your owners that you are a true professional in the sector and that your advice is based on real data.

Closing operations functions:

When your buyer shows interest in one of your properties, they should not run away. It’s time to throw in all the firewood and get an offer. However, we should not appear desperate, but give him arguments so that he thinks that the decision has come from him.

Price negotiation:

You must reach a common point between both parties; it is part of your job as a real estate agent. However, you should not forget that one of them is the one that has hired your services and expects you to look out for their interests.

Many agents will do whatever it takes to close transactions. You must be careful at this point, since you are risking the satisfaction of your main client. Your role will be to advise and give your point of view on the proposed proposal, but if it is bad, say so.

Conditions for sale:

Once the sale price is determined, we must specify how it will be formalized. When the Penitential Arras contract is going to be signed, what amount will be left as a signal, for how long the property will be reserved and what would happen if any of them were to withdraw from the operation.

All this falls within your functions as a real estate advisor, and not managing it properly could jeopardize the operation.

Contract drafting:

When we have already reached an agreement, we must put it in writing. These documents are legally valid, so they must be well written to avoid future problems. For this reason, owners should not seek support from qualified people, and you, as a real estate broker, are the ideal person.

Obligations before Notary

The notaries are we to order different things before signing, from customer information, to documentation of the property. You will oversee all this the day of signing the public deed before a notary.

Generally, these are all the necessary documents, considering that there are somewhat more complicated operations in which we must provide an extra document.

  • DNI of all buyers and sellers.
  • Personal data of the same as marital status and employment status (According to a notary).
  • Receipts of transfers made so far.
  • Purchase and Sale Amount.
  • Old deed of the property.
  • CEE (Certificate of Energy Efficiency).
  • Certificate of occupancy.
  • Last receipt of Real Estate Tax (IBI).
  • Last receipt of Garbage Rate (Incinerators).
  • Latest utility bills: Water, Electricity and Gas.
  • Certificate to the day of Payments of the Community of Neighbours.
  • Amount of Bank Checks.

Functions after the Notary

Some real estate agents think that their work is finished after obtaining the public deed of sale, they are wrong. At this point, we have only charged. I must emphasize that we could continue helping our clients so that they are even more satisfied with our work and efforts.

We can help you with tax procedures. Many of them do not know the correct steps after selling or buying, you, their real estate broker, yes. One of your functions will be to advise them where they have to go and the deadlines for doing these steps.

In turn, we can also help you with the removals, reforms and other procedures necessary to leave or move to the property.

All of this, obviously, is optional. However, I emphasize again, your satisfaction will be much greater if you book your property from Tajarat properties, and will be reflected in recommendations that will become new sales opportunities.

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